Our Philosophy

Were Everyone's Welcome

SoLa was opened in April of 2013 with one vision – to create a place where the intimidation factor was never an issue. 

SoLa has one of the strongest fitness communities in Austin. 

SoLa offers 2 unique training programs under one roof. 
CrossFit - constantly varied workouts
Burn - strength & conditioning

Professional Coaches

Walk into SoLa, and you’ll find coaches who take the time to invest in each and every member – well beyond the hour you’re in class.

Find Your Why

When asked to describe SoLa,   Owner, Dave Appel notes an article that compares Crossfit to church:

“A place where there’s a gathering of people that are looking for some kind of fulfillment – that’s what we’ve created here.” It’s not just about putting barbells in people’s hands.

SoLa wants to help you find your “why,” then help you make educated decisions on your fitness, wellness, and mindfulness.

Become Your Best You

The biggest obstacle of someone getting into fitness is getting out of their own head.

That’s exactly what our coaches can help you do. Professional staff, programs designed to challenge all fitness levels and the most welcoming environment possible.

 If you are looking for a place to build your fitness and become the best version of yourself, CrossFit South Lamar is the place for you.