Score Type:: Rounds and Reps


5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups 
15 Air Squats


OVERHEAD SQUATS -- If athletes are not able to perform the Overhead Squat due to injury they can perform a Back or Front Squat.
PULL-UPS -- Ring Rows or DB Strict Press can be scaled for Pull-ups
PUSH-UPS -- For athletes who are unable to do Push-ups we can scale to Knee Push-ups or Box Push-ups
AIR SQUATS -- If an athlete can not get to full depth have them Squat to a target. If they can not squat at all scale to Sit-ups

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5/18/2019 - WORKOUT 2

Score Type:: Not Scored

30-20-10 Glute Bridge Ups 
10-20-30 Banded Good Morning
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Cindy is a classic benchmark WOD used to assess athlete’s progress overtime. Cindy is a triplet of gymnastics movements. Look for athletes to establish their pace establish their pace early in the workout. For our advanced athletes we are looking for 20+ rounds and everyone else pushing to achieve around 16 rounds.
The pull-ups and push-ups will be the first to go for beginner athletes so give the option so look to scale these movement to reduce the load. We are looking for unbroken reps for the Air Squat and all athletes should be able to achieve this goal with a maintainable pace. Let’s encourage athletes to keep their heart rate at a manageable level to allow for continuous movement and minimal rest.
5/18/2019 - STAK Session 1

Score Type:: Rounds and Reps

0-10 min
10 rounds
7 D-ball Squats
5 Toes to bar

11-21 min
8 rounds
8 SDLHP 72/53
10 Ball Slams

22-32 min
6 Rounds
10/7 Bike Cal
10 Air Squats
10 Russian kb swings

33-36 min
Plank Hold 
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seth hasenour

seth hasenour 2 months ago / Reply

Cindy: 14 + 6

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