7/13/2019 - CROSSFIT WORKOUT 1

Score Type:: Distance



40-60-80-60-40 Plate Jumps (45 plate, both feet on plate)
10-20-40-20-10 Toes to Bar

Partner 2 will Row while Partner 1 is working.  Partner 1 will Row while Partner 2 is working.
Score for the workout will be total Meters

*Plate jumps are both feet of then on to plate. Fast footwork!

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7/13/2019 - CROSSFIT WORKOUT 2

Score Type:: Not Scored

2-3 SETS

30 Russian Twists (use WB) 
30 Heel Taps Over WB
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Score Type:: Total Weight

Bench Press (Bodyweight)


*Work in teams changing weights as needed. Rest as needed b/t sets.

-20:00 Hard Cap-
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Partnered single-modality weightlifting heavy day. Depending on the athlete’s level of strength and exposure to the lift then the bodyweight Bench Press will be a challenge to finish. Each athlete should be able lifting a weight that they can complete 4-5 reps at a time throughout. During the rest period athletes can utilize this time to recover as they spot another athlete. With a 20:00 cap athletes will have to be ready to go when it is their turn to ensure all 3 athletes have a shot of finishing their reps.
Our workout today is a couplet of gymnastic movement, athletes will look to sprint through the Plate Jumps to give them time to work through the Toes to Bar. Look for our advanced athletes to finish sub 12:00 with everyone else finishing off before the 15:00 time cap. Athletes should be able to work through quick sets of the Toes to Bar with limited rest. For the athletes who are still working on building their grip strength doing half the number of reps would be a good choice to quickly work through each set.
7/13/2019 - BURN Workout 1

Score Type:: Rounds and Reps

Partner Workout


400m Run
30 Alt. Lunges
15 DB Push Press 
:30 Plank Hold

P1 Runs 400, P2 works to complete as many rounds as possible during the Run.
When P1 returns P1 picks up where P2 was at.  P2 runs 400
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Today is a total body workout and we want to keep moving throughout at a consistent pace. Keep the run at the same pace each round. The lunges are 30 total, 15 per leg. If some members want, they can hold dumbbells at their sides during the lunges. However, the dumbbell push press come right after. All 15 repetitions should be unbroken, at least for the first half of the workout. Shoot for 3-4 rounds, with fast transitions!


Nick Miller

Nick Miller 4 days, 16 hours ago / Reply

7/13/2019 - CROSSFIT WORKOUT 1: 1951
Notes: 9:29 w/Jeff

Doug Rauls

Doug Rauls 4 days, 16 hours ago / Reply

7/13/2019 - BURN Workout 1: 12 Rounds
Notes: With Ben

Drew Warriner

Drew Warriner 4 days, 17 hours ago / Reply

7/13/2019 - BURN Workout 1: 4 + 400
Notes: 35 LBS

Ian Donahue

Ian Donahue 4 days, 17 hours ago / Reply

7/13/2019 - BURN Workout 1: 4 + 400
Notes: 35 LBS

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