8/18/2019 - CROSSFIT WORKOUT 1

Score Type:: Rounds and Reps



3 Power Cleans (135/95) performance |(95/65) fitness 
6 Push-ups
9 Air Squats

-Rest 1:00 b/t Sets-

Loading should be adjusted to allow athlete to move the barbell unbroken and quickly through the full workout. Anyone who is on the ‘borderline’ encourage them to go a little lighter today and focus on quick BB cycling.
For Reps/Volume, you might want to reduce the push-ups and air squats down for newbies and deconditioned athletes. 3-4-5 or 3-5-7 are both viable rep schemes. Another way to approach this might be to have newer athletes focus on EMOM’ing this workout for first 2 minutes then going hard for the final minute to see if they can get 1+ rounds.

Power Clean -- if the athlete can not clean, have them Deadlift or Russian KB Swing (heavy) for this workout
Push-ups -- need to keep the cycle time fast, encourage athletes to use the knee push-up today. If you have an athlete that can do 2-3 upright push-ups, allow them to do the uprights then finish off the set from the knees.
Squats -- if the athlete can not squat, have them do alternating lunges for 10-reps. Today is also a good day for having your athletes squat to a medball and really drive home the full ROM of the squat.

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High cycle time, low volume AMRAP. Across the 5 sets, you will see the air squats add up quickly...leg fatigue is real in The Chief. The best in the world are putting up 7+ rounds per interval...that’s pretty uncommon. You should be looking for athletes to AT LEAST hit an EMOM for this workout. 3-6 Rounds per interval are good guardrails.


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